Fusion Power and Humanity’s Future

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Fusion power is distinctly different from fission power in that it produces little radioactive waste, some physicists even predict that we may have this technology by 2030. Other than being a tremendous source of potential electrical power, nuclear fusion power may also perhaps solve our energy needs for this century. […]

A image of NASA's InSight spacecraft launching

NASA’s InSight Spacecraft: an Important Mission to Learn More about Mars

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NASA’s InSight spacecraft launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on May 5. Unlike most spacecraft launches it was launched from California instead of the typical launch location chosen by NASA: Cape Canaveral, Florida. The journey of this spacecraft will consist of approximately 7 months in order for it to arrive […]

A picture of a man before a wormhole into another dimension

Space Exploration Must Move Dramatically Forward in Progress within the Next 100 years

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As the Late Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking indicated, humans must make dramatic progress in space exploration in the next 100 years if we are to survive. Couple this with J. Richard Gott III suggesting that a Martian human settlement must be developed by us humans within 46 years (this was suggested […]

A picture of the James Webb Telescope

James Webb Telescope

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The launch of the James Webb Telescope in 2019 will allow more studies into star systems such as TRAPPIST-1. It is a project undertaken by three premier space agencies: NASA, the CSA and the ESA. This will give us vital knowledge about the composition of these mysterious planets that are […]