Known as the bane of the web developer’s existence, Internet Explorer is not only a nuisance to web developers but also a large roadblock in terms of innovation. Microsoft describes Internet Explorer as a “compatibility solution” and no longer recommends continued use of it. Microsoft sort of caused this problem on their own terms as they did not release Microsoft Edge, the successor to Internet Explorer on Windows 7, 8 and XP. Furthermore, a significant amount of older age demographics such as the Baby Boomers continue to use this outdated browser. The consequences for continued use of this browser means that web developers will be put under continued stress trying to provide solutions to this archaic browser where in some cases there is no solution depending upon which technologies a developer chooses to build their website upon, whether on their own terms or on behalf of an organization.

Internet Explorer is also a threat to innovation as it limits the amount of flexibility developers have in publishing websites either for themselves or on behalf of a company. New and intricate designs in some cases have to be discarded in favor of Internet Explorer compatible solutions, either that or Internet Explorer support would simply be discarded by the developer and their team. Microsoft is ending extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 and Professional and Enterprise volume licenses support will only be extended to January 10, 2023 and requires quite hefty payments in order to continue support. This is some good news for developers as more users in 2020 will be forced to migrate to Windows 10 (as Windows 7 will no longer be secure). Although Microsoft Edge supports many modern web standards such as CSS Grid (at least if you have the 2017 edition or newer), it is soon going to be replaced by a solution based upon Chromium, the foundation upon which Google Chrome is built.

All I can say from my perspective regarding Internet Explorer is that the sooner this relic of the past is gone the better. Microsoft should end support of this browser as soon as possible and at the same time make sure Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 7,8 and XP.

Internet Explorer Support Needs to End
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Internet Explorer Support Needs to End
Internet Explorer is an outdated relic of a browser, even Microsoft doesn't recommend it anymore. An end of support plan should be made by Microsoft.
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Cosmic Nebula
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