Do you like the fact that computers, smartphones and other electronic devices are doubling in speed every 18 months? Be Prepared to be disappointed as Moore’s Law is coming to an end soon, and with it the speed improvements that we have been accustomed to our whole lives. In fact, it is plausible that computers purchased in the year 2020 (or a few years later) could be the fastest (in terms of high end computers) in the history of the human race for decades to come.

The End of Moore’s law will occur as early as 2020 and definitely within the 2020’s. This is due to the fact that transistors can only be so small, and as noticed by physicist Michio Kaku, once you reach 30 atoms across in terms of transistor etching Quantum Theory kicks in and soon electrons will leak out of wires. Upon some further research, I found out that Moore’s Law has actually ceased in terms of further frequency in MHZ (more commonly in GHZ for modern computing purposes) since 2005. Transistors in terms of microprocessor trends will stagnate in growth sometime in the 2020’s as well.

There are some solutions proposed by various companies such as multithreading with multiple cores (real or virtual depending on who you talk to) and 3D stacking. Hardware and software solutions are also being sought for distributing computer code from being single threaded to multithreaded processes (most computer programs still use single threads and therefore are not as efficient as they could be with multithreaded code). In my opinion, most of this will have to be done on the hardware side as when you write code (software) there are only some processes that can be written in multithreaded code, for many tasks multithreading is simply not possible (nor needed). All of the above proposals are short term fixes and do not address the end of Moore’s Law in terms of a long-term perspective.

The one benefit I can see from Moore’s Law ending will be the fact that you could hold onto a computer for many more years in the future without worrying about it becoming slow due to an increase in the standards of running software programs and if you are a PC gamer then you can be certain that video game companies will stop increasing the recommended specs for upcoming games as they will not be able to due to Moore’s Law ending (and with it the increases in computing performance).

Your Next Computer may not be Twice as Fast as before
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Your Next Computer may not be Twice as Fast as before
The end of Moore's Law is upon us soon and with it the end of computers being twice as fast every 18 months.
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Cosmic Nebula
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